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Why Does the Car Battery Keep Dying?


Why Does the Car Battery Keep Dying?The battery in your vehicle has a tough job. It stores all the electrical power necessary to get the engine started, as well as run accessories such as power windows and locks, the radio and lights when the vehicle's engine is not running. If your battery dies you'll likely need a jumpstart to get going again. However, your vehicle may also be due for a brand new battery, as they will go dead after a certain amount of time, which varies from battery to battery. But if you ever experience a consistent dead battery represented by no starting and you're not due for a new battery, then the following reasons are likely to be the cause of the battery's constant demise.

Stuck Relay Switch

Modern cars are full of electrical wiring and electrical relays. These relays are what open and close circuits in order to control the flow of electrical juice. If a relay gets stuck in the on position it may cause an electrically powered part to receive constant power to run when it isn't suppose to, which will continue even if the car is turned off. If the car is off and a relay is stuck on it will drain the battery's power and it may cause the part to go bad due to a consistent overflow of electricity.

Interior Lighting Issues

Many newer cars and trucks have sensors that detect the opening and closing of the driver's door after a vehicle has been turned off, deactivating power accessories such as interior lights and windows once the door is shut. If this sensor systems fails it will cause electronics to remain on while the vehicle is off, which drains electricity from the battery and eventually causes it to die.

Driver's Fault

The most common reasons that batteries die is because of a driver or passenger error, such as leaving a door ajar. If a door is left open or your headlights are left on it may result in a drained battery, as will playing the radio for extended periods of time while the car is off. Always be sure the doors are shut tightly and all the lights are off each time you leave your car.

Corroded or Dirty Battery Terminals

Intermittent battery trouble is many times caused by corrosion or dirt on the positive and negative terminals. There is a simple remedy for this issue which involves cleaning the terminals with a wire brush and ensuring a tight connection at both battery terminals.

You shouldn't put up with the annoyance of a dead battery. If your battery dies time and time again and you can't relate it to driver error, then you'll want to visit an auto repair shop that can complete repairs on your battery and charging system. For a new car battery in Centralia reach out to Transmissions Unlimited. We offer full service auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models. To schedule superior auto repair in Centralia give us a call at 360-736-2548 today.

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