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5 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignments are a part of vehicle maintenance that are often forgot about until the problems that bad alignment can cause become overbearing. A vehicle that does not have a proper alignment may cause tires to wear quicker than normal, decrease your MPGs and it makes driving more challenging and perhaps even dangerous. Cars can become misaligned if tires are not balanced, have a run in with a curb, hit a bad bump or after a minor or major auto accident. If you experience any of these signs that you need an alignment be sure to bring your vehicle to a repair shop right away to have the problem repaired.

Crooked Steering Wheel

A very common sign that your vehicle is having alignment issues is if the steering wheel is not centered when your vehicle is driving in a straight line. This means you are having to hold the vehicle's steering system in an abnormal position to have control of it, a telltale sign of trouble.

Hard Pulling

In a vehicle with very bad alignment you will likely have to constantly battle the car from trying to go left or right automatically. You should never have to struggle with the wheel to keep your vehicle driving in a straight line.

Soft Pulling

You may not notice your car trying to turn one way or the other when your hands are firmly on the wheel, but if you are driving down the road with a light grip on the steering wheel you may notice the car drifting to the side. This is a good sign it's time for an alignment.


A bad alignment will cause a vehicle to shake and shiver as it cruises down the road because tires are pulling against each other, fighting to bring your vehicle in one direction or another that isn't where you want to be going!

Uneven Tire Wear

Every so often you should conduct regular tire checks to ensure they are properly filled and not worn out. If you notice that one tire is wearing differently from the one on the opposite side then you likely need an alignment.

If you experience any of these issues don't delay having them fixed. A misaligned vehicle can be very dangerous. For professional wheel alignments in Centralia visit Transmissions Unlimited where we work hard to ensure your car is safe and reliable! We conduct all types of Auto Repair Services but we specialize in Transmission service and repair. Anytime you need auto repair in Centralia come in to Transmission Unlimited or call us to schedule an appointment at 360-736-2548 today!

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