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Why so Expensive to Repair Your Transmission?


When it comes to the power train of your vehicle, there's no component more complicated than the transmission. Whether automatic or manual, the main function of the transmission is to shift gears, changing the speed-to-torque ratio and delivering power to the vehicle's wheels based on current speed and acceleration/deceleration. Imagine riding a bike uphill in high gear, or trying to go really fast downhill in first gear. Neither would be the optimal way to transfer the energy of your engine (your legs) to the wheels. Shifting is needed, and that's what your vehicle's transmission does.

You can avoid having to rebuild or replace your transmission by changing the fluid every 30K to 50K miles, and by waiting for the vehicle to completely stop and the engine RPM to decline to idle before shifting from reverse to drive or vice-versa. If the transmission pops into neutral or slips out of gear, if you hear strange grinding or clunking noises when it's in neutral, if there is a delay in power when you change gears, if your RPMs are higher than normal for the given speed, or if you smell burning fluids, your transmission may need immediate attention.

Rebuilding a transmission is a labor-intensive process, but in the long run can save money over the cost of installing a new one. But the needed repair could be a simple fix like changing the transmission fluid, replacing a sensor, adjusting the linkage, or the correcting a computer system that might be misreading RPM and causing the transmission to slip or shift hard.

Automatic Transimission Repari, Rebuild and ReplacementReplacing a transmission is one of the most expensive auto repair shop jobs, so it's important to take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop you trust, and that specializes in transmission repair, rebuild or replacement. The average cost of an automatic transmission repair is $1,000 - $2,000, and transmission replacement can cost upwards of $3,500. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, repair will normally cost less than an automatic.

Finding a skilled transmission repair shop in your area will save you time and money in the long run, so ask family and friends if they've had a good experience with a local transmission shop, and do some research online. If you go to a shop for an estimate, pay close attention to its appearance. Is it clean, customer-centered, and are warranties offered? If any or all of these elements aren't in place, it's usually best to keep shopping.

For affordable, quality transmission repair in Centralia, call Transmissions Unlimited at 360-736-2548 to schedule an appointment with a skilled transmission specialist.

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