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Transmission Fluid Checks are Important to the Life of your Car


Check That Transmission Fluid RegularlyThe transmission is an important component in any vehicle and transmission repair work can be expensive, so understanding how to care for it can save you a significant sum of money in the years ahead. Proper maintenance begins with transmission fluid checks on a regular basis.

Simply put, this fluid is a lubricant to the internal moving parts of your transmission. Automatic vehicles use this fluid to cool the transmission and convey power from the engine. Owners of manual vehicles should check their car's manual to see what will work best in their transmissions. The bottom line: transmission fluid checks are important to maintain the health of your car's operations.

When to Check your Transmission Fluid

Check your owner's manual for the best time to check your vehicle's transmission fluid. The number of miles driven between checks varies for manual transmissions versus automatic.

How to Check your Transmission

Owners of automatic transmissions can simply pull out the dipstick for their transmission fluid and read the line. Manual transmission owners have a few more steps involved, or they may have to allow a mechanic to check this fluid. Either way, knowing how much fluid you have, what color it is and the correct levels are important information.

What am I looking for?

Fluid Level: Your car needs the transmission fluid filled to the manufacturer's recommended levels. Cars that run without the proper amount of fluid end up using parts of metal from within the transmission as a lubricant! That's not good. Also, running your vehicle without enough transmission fluid can cause the gears to shift poorly. If you discover this problem too late, you can count of spending a lot of money on Transmission Servicess.

Fluid Color: Dark transmission fluid is not a good sign. It means your car's transmission needs maintenance right away. But, if your fluid is clear in color and smells sweet, you're in good shape.

Performing transmission fluid checks are a simple and time efficient way to perform vehicle maintenance. If you have any questions, or need help with transmission service or repair, Transmissions Unlimited in Centralia at 360-736-2548 or visit our website for valuable auto repair coupons.

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