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Common Signs of Power Steering Failure


Modern vehicles are a true engineering marvel. To be able to control a machine that weighs thousands of pounds with the push of a couple pedals while gently maneuvering a steering wheel to point the vehicle in the direction you want to go is really quite amazing. At least that is how it is suppose to be, right? One of the most important systems of your vehicle is the power steering system, which is hydraulically operated and makes turning incredibly easy. If it begins to give you trouble or fails completely you'll find yourself struggling to control your car or truck. Thankfully there are a few signs of upcoming power steering problems that mean you should make an appointment with your local auto mechanic before you find yourself playing tug-o-war with the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel Vibration

A very common sign of upcoming power steering problems is a malfunctioning drive belt which is characterized by a steering wheel that shakes back and forth. This occurs if the belt begins to slip or if it has tears in it. You can often identify if the belt is the source of trouble by conducting a simple test. Turn the vehicle on and keep it in park or neutral and then turn the steering wheel back and forth over the complete steering radius. If there is a certain spot where the steering wheel begins to vibrate you can almost guarantee that this issue is related directly to a bad drive belt.

Whining Noises

Whining noise that occur as you turn the wheel often indicate some sort of power steering system trouble. The noise is generally attributed to a power steering pump that is trying to operate with low levels of power steering fluid. However it may also mean that the pump has otherwise malfunctioned and can not pump fluid correctly. If you experience any odd noises as you go around corners you should check the power steering reservoir to ensure it is full. If it is than there's a good chance you'll need a new power steering pump.

Hard to Turn Steering Wheel

The most obvious symptom of trouble is a difficult to turn steering wheel. This is generally caused by a lack of fluid in the system which may be attributed to a power steering fluid leak. However problems with the actual mechanicals of the power steering system may also be to blame. Regardless of what is causing the problem it is important to allow a professional mechanic the opportunity to diagnose and repair the issue.

Putting off the repair of troubles related to any system in the car, especially the steering system, will likely only lead to bigger problems down the road as well as contribute to major safety concerns. If you need power steering repair in Centralia come into Transmissions Unlimited. Our team is dedicated to providing expert auto and transmission repair that keeps your car reliable and safe. Make an appointment by calling 360-736-2548 today!

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