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How to Improve Gas Mileage this Summer


Before you head out on a trip to your favorite summer retreat or on a long cross-country road trip to soak in all that the highways of America have to offer, make sure your car is ready for the daunting task. By conducting a few simple checks and replacing a few key parts that help make the wheels turn you could greatly improve your fuel mileage, saving you time and money at the gas pump. Here are 4 steps to increase your fuel efficiency.

Replace the air filter

You car doesn't just run on gas, it needs oxygen, and a very specific amount of it, to make the engine work properly. The air filter removes any debris and dust before the air can mix with the gasoline, and if the filter becomes clogged, which reduces air flow, your car will compensate by burning more gas than it needs to. Replacing the air filter will ensure your car's air/fuel mixture is accurate.

Inflate the tires

The tires on your car are designed to be filled to a certain PSI, the measurement of air pressure. Underinflated tires mean the engine has to work harder to get the soft tires to turn. Properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by 2 MPG or more!

Avoid extended warm ups

A vehicle shouldn't need more than a minute, if that, to be ready for the road. If you need to let your vehicle sit for several minutes before pulling out of the driveway there is likely a bigger issue with your car. When your car is running and not going anywhere you are getting zero miles per gallon.

Replace dirty or old spark plugs

Spark plugs use gasoline to create the force, in the form of a small explosion, to moves the cylinders. A spark plug fires millions of times every for every 1,000 miles traveled and a dirty, ill-gapped or corroded spark plug can cause misfires, which is a large waste of fuel. Replacing old spark plugs is a great way to improve engine performance and save on gas. Have them replaced by a professional mechanic at a local auto repair shop.

Taking these simple steps before hitting the highway could ultimately save you hundreds of dollars or more. To make sure your car is getting the best possible MPGs visit a neighborhood mechanic to have it inspected. For excellent auto maintenance in Centralia visit Transmissions Unlimited. We specialize in transmission repair but do so much more at our full-service auto repair center, and will ensure your vehicle is ready for summer! Call Transmissions Unlimited today at 360-736-2548 to make an appointment!

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