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What is leaking from my car?


You should never ignore a leak coming from your vehicle, as this is a sure sign of a major issue. Your vehicle uses several different kinds of fluids to operate its various systems. This includes the brakes, cooling system and the engine itself. Depending on the color of the liquid and location of the leak you can usually tell what sort of problem has developed. In some circumstances, such as with a brake fluid leak, you will want to have your vehicle towed to the repair shop, as it can be very dangerous to drive. Here is a cheat sheet for identifying what is leaking from your vehicle.

Brake Fluid Leak

Brake fluid is often clear or a light brown in color and will feel slimy when touched. If there is a leak it will usually accumulate near a tire or underneath the brake master cylinder. Brake fluid leaks are very dangerous and require an immediate trip to the mechanic to ensure your stopping power is not removed.

Oil Leak

Perhaps the easiest fluid to identify that your car uses is motor oil. Ranging from black to light brown, depending on how used it is, engine oil can seep from many gaps in the engine. If you notice an oil leak be sure to speak to your mechanic about how quickly it needs to be repaired.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you find a puddle of red fluid under your vehicle you have found a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid ensures your vehicle can shift smoothly. By operating a vehicle that is low on transmission fluid it can result in major damage to the transmission.

Differential Fluid Leak

The fluid in the vehicle's differential looks and feels very similar to transmission fluid. The best way to tell the difference is by taking note of where the leaking fluid is collecting. If it is near the rear of the car it is much more likely a differential problem.

Coolant Leak

The fluid used in the radiator is usually bright green, but it can also be yellow or pink. Coolant does just as the name suggests, it keeps your engine cool while operating. If a coolant leak springs you'll be at risk of overheating, which can cause massive damage to your engine.

Your vehicle should never leak any fluids, so if you notice a leak get in touch with an auto repair center right away. For expert auto repair in Centralia contact Transmissions Unlimited. We offer complete Auto Repair Services, specializing in transmission service. If your vehicle is leaking we can identify the fluid and get your car patched up! Give us a call at 360-736-2548 to make an appointment for expert auto maintenance and transmission repair in Centralia today!

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