4 Common Auto Electric Problems

4 Common Auto Electric Problems


4 Common Auto Electric ProblemsAll vehicles have a vast networks of wires, switches, fuses and other parts of electrical systems that are able to get the car started and power all the accessories that keep us comfortable, like the AC system and radio. Electrical problems in cars can happen for a variety of reasons including regular wear and tear, a short circuit or corrosion. Some problems will result in not being able to get the car started while others may keep your lights from turning on. If you're having vehicle trouble, consider that it may be an electrical problem, versus a mechanical one. Here are 4 common electrical problems in cars.

Blown Fuse

If a certain system won't work suddenly, such as the windshield wipers, headlights, radio or turn signals, then you more than likely have a blown fuse. All the electrical systems are routed through a fuse to ensure only the amount of electricity that is needed is delivered to the system. Excess electricity will overloaded the fuse and it will "blow" to prevent damage to the part itself. This means the circuit is no longer complete.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires

Spark plugs create the power that makes the pistons move up and down. They require a tiny electrical charge in order to create the spark and if the plugs or the wires they are connected to go bad due to corrosion or other wear and tear then the engine will not operate properly. Signs of bad spark plugs include poor fuel efficiency, slow acceleration, a rough idle or the vehicle engine turning over but not starting.

Dead Battery

The battery is the source of power for starting the vehicle. If the battery dies due to leaving lights on, a door ajar, or playing the radio with the engine off, then it will likely be drained. Batteries are recharged by the alternator, which is talked about next. If nothing happens when you try to start your car it is likely a dead battery. Try jump starting it to see if it will get going, which will generally recharge the battery. However, batteries do die and need to be replaced, usually every three to five years.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what charges the battery while the engine is on. The alternator is hooked to a belt system that is spun by the turning of the engine. The alternator is able to create power that effectively recharges the battery while the vehicle is running. It also powers electrical equipment during the operation of the motor. If the alternator goes bad the battery's power will quickly be drained and you won't be able to start your car.

Auto electrical problems can happen for a variety of reasons but in order to keep your ride working as it should. For professional auto electric repair in Centralia head to Transmission Unlimited. Our full service auto repair shop services all makes and models. Give us a call at 360-736-2548 to learn more or to request quality auto repair in Centralia today.

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