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Is it Time for Exhaust Repair?


Your car is made up of many different parts and systems that work together in order to create a safe, comfortable and reliable ride. Some of these systems have much harder jobs than others. The exhaust system, although it has no moving parts, has one of the hardest jobs in the whole vehicle. It carries hazardous exhaust fumes from the engine, converts them to less harmful gases and emits them out of the tailpipe. Not only does this increase performance in the vehicle it keeps the driver and other vehicle occupants safe from fatal poisoning that could occur if the gases made their way into the passenger cabin. For that reason alone you should always have your exhaust system repaired if it gives you any trouble. These are the signs to look for that will indicate that it is time for repair.

Decreased MPGs

One of the more subtle signs of trouble in the exhaust system will be a decrease in fuel efficiency, but not just a minor one. The oxygen sensor monitors outgoing air and if there is a leak in the system it could malfunction, resulting in as much as a 40 percent drop in fuel economy. There are many other things that can hurt your MPGs so it is important to head to the auto repair shop right away to have the issue properly diagnosed and fixed.

Gas Pedal Vibrations

Another positive sign of an exhaust leak is if you feel a vibration sensation in the gas pedal as you cruise down the street. The feeling will likely increase during acceleration. This is caused by the air escaping from a crack in the high pressure exhaust system. Bad leaks may cause the steering wheel or even the whole car to vibrate.

Loud Engine Noises

If your car's engine suddenly seems like a roaring beast there is a good chance that the vehicle has developed an exhaust leak. Much the same as vibrations, as air escapes it can create a rumbling noise that may make your car sound more powerful, but in reality it is only doing damage to it. Exhaust leaks often occur at the manifold or due to rusty exhaust pipes. Have a mechanic look over the whole exhaust system to make sure there is not more than one problem area.

Exhaust leaks are bad for cars and trucks but downright dangerous for humans and they should always be repaired as soon as they are found. If you need exhaust repair in Centralia bring your car, truck or SUV to Transmissions Unlimited. We specialize in manual and automatic transmission repair but we service many other vehicle systems in order to keep you on the road! When you need auto repair or auto maintenance in Centralia for your import or domestic vehicle call 360-736-2548 to schedule an appointment at Transmissions Unlimited today!

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