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Most responsible car owners do everything in their power to ensure their vehicle is kept in top condition. From staying on top of regular oil changes, to paying close attention to the check engine light, to having the filters changed once in awhile. However, one of the most important parts of the vehicle to maintain isn't always the easiest to remember: the transmission. Unlike other parts of a car, the transmission is something we rarely think of until it's in need of repair work. Having your transmission regularly inspected and serviced will help extend its life and make sure your engine is always ready to go the extra mile.

Do I Need Transmission Service?

For many drivers it isn't always obvious when transmission service might be needed. While we are often able to keep track of our regular oil changes, the amount of gas in our car, or the quality of the windshield wiper blades, transmissions can be a bit more mysterious. We may not always know right away if we are in need of transmission service. However, getting to know some of the clues that your transmission could use assistance is the best way to be prepared. For example, is your engine suddenly revving excessively? Or have you begun to notice the gears slipping or the shifting becoming increasingly difficult? The occurrence of any of these things could be a sign that your transmission is in bad shape and could use the benefit of a team of expert auto technicians. The next time you experience any of these issues be sure to get your vehicle into an auto repair shop ASAP.

Automatic Transmissions and Manual Transmissions

As far as vehicle transmissions are concerned you either drive an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. No matter if you drive one or the other the most important thing you can do when it comes to getting it serviced is finding the right auto repair center that has the right amount of experience. Automatic transmissions are an incredibly complex system that require only the most highly of trained mechanics working on it. The last thing you want to do is pay even more money to re-fix a repair job done wrong. In addition, manual transmissions have their own complicated set-up and you'll want to find a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of this system. While there may be major work needed on the manual transmission, it may also be something as simple as a minor adjustment needed for the clutch. The only way to truly know is by bringing it into a nearby auto repair center.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle one of the best things you can do for it is get the transmission regularly inspected. If you are in need of transmission service, whether you've noticed a strange change in the way your car accelerates or have begun hearing odd noises coming from the engine, getting the expert opinion of a nearby auto repair center that specializes in transmissions can make all the difference to your car. If you are looking for excellent transmission service in Centralia get in touch with our team at Transmissions Unlimited at 360-736-2548 right away! We have experience inspecting, maintaining, and repairing all variety of transmissions and are here to ensure your transmission is always in the best shape possible.

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