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3 Signs it Might be Time for an Engine Rebuild


If your vehicle is giving you trouble related to the engine you better act fast to have the issue diagnosed. Some problems may be able to be repaired by just replacing a part or two, but if you wait too long it will allow the issue to grow worse and may require you to rebuild or replace your engine. Following are three major indications of engine trouble that should be addressed by a professional auto mechanic as soon as they are noticed to avoid unnecessarily expensive auto repairs.

Loss in Power

One of the more common signs of major engine trouble is a loss in power or delayed acceleration. If your vehicle has trouble getting up to speed, runs rough or has a temperamental idle call your mechanic right away. A vehicle that has many miles on the odometer can be expected to show some signs of regular wear and tear, such as loss of power, but this problem can be addressed before having to replace the engine.

Loud Engine Noises

Does it sound like there is a pair of shoes in a dryer under your hood? These loud banging and knocking noises are often one of the first signs of trouble for a vehicle engine. The noise can usually be attributed to bad engine bearings, which is what the moving parts of the engine rest on. If they are not properly lubricated they will begin to wear out and make the loud knock, knock, knock noise.

Exhaust Smoke

Excessive amounts of smoke coming out of the tailpipe can certainly mean trouble. Different color smoke can indicate different problems. Blue smoke means there is an oil leak allowing for the burning oil, preventing the engine from being lubricated properly. White smoke is a sign that coolant is leaking into the engine, often caused by a blown head gasket. Black smoke means your vehicle is burning excess gasoline. Each of these problems carry their own weight, but the problem should be taken care of immediately to prevent more disastrous damage from occurring.

For optimal vehicle health and to keep repair costs as low as possible always seek out a mechanic as soon as you begin to experience trouble. If you need engine repair in Centralia bring your vehicle to Transmissions Unlimited. Our expert team of mechanics specializes in transmission repair, but we offer so much more! From routine maintenance to complex engine diagnostics, we have you covered! Give Transmission Unlimited a call today at 360-736-2548 to schedule an appointment for quality, honest auto repair in Centralia!

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