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4 Common Transmission Problems


For your car to be able to shift all of the intricate parts in the transmission need to be in proper working order and the transmission fluid needs to be clean and full. With so many moving pieces there are plenty of things that could go wrong inside a transmission, but with proper care and maintenance you shouldn't have to worry about any problems. However if you do experience and signs of transmission trouble, such as a grinding noise when you shift, or if your car won't go into a certain gear, or if it pops out of gear while driving, then you may want to check to see if if it is any of these common problems with transmissions, or have a professional transmission repair shop take a look.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

The transmission solenoid maintains proper fluid flow throughout the transmission. It can become damage if the transmission fluid level is low during vehicle operation. Symptoms include the transmission popping out of gear while driving.

Faulty Torque Converter

Cars with automatic transmissions are equipped with torque converters. A common problem with them is damaged needle bearings. Bad bearings will cause a grinding noise between shifts.

Bad Clutch

The smell of a burning clutch reminds most people of when they were learning to drive a stick shift. But if you're a veteran of three pedals and begin to notice the stench then your clutch is likely failing and may need to be replaced or adjusted.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Almost any transmission problem you may be having, it can likely be attributed to a leak in the system. If you find a puddle of red fluid in your driveway then you've likely discovered a transmission fluid leak. Take your vehicle to a mechanic right away before more significant problems arise.

When you transmission is giving you problems, don't delay in getting it fixed. The longer you wait the more likely it will lead to more severe problems. For expert transmission repair in Centralia visit Transmissions Unlimited. We specialize in transmission repair but can complete any auto repair at our full-service auto repair facility. Call Transmissions Unlimited today at 360-736-2548 to schedule an appointment or request a quote!

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