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3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Clutch Repair


The clutch is the lever that allows you to shift through the gears in a manual transmission vehicle. When you depress the clutch it halts spinning motion within the transmission, thus allowing for the smooth transition from one gear to the next. If you run into problems with the clutch you will find yourself unable to shift, meaning you're not going to be able to get your car in gear in order to move. If you experience any of the three most common signs of clutch problems be sure to get to a repair shop as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

You probably remember from learning to drive a clutch the heavy burning smell that would occur as you learned how to accelerate in first gear. If this smell becomes a regular occurrence while driving and you have now been behind the wheel of a stick shift for many years it likely means there is a problem at hand. While the issue can often be caused by excessive wear and tear from driving in slow moving city traffic it's also an indication a clutch adjustment or even a new clutch plate may be necessary.

Sticky of Soft Clutch

If the clutch pedal becomes difficult to press or if it seems to rest closer to the floor than it use to you're experiencing a nearly sure sign that the hydraulic linkage of the clutch has grown tired. It may just need an adjustment, but if a leak is detected of the hydraulic fluid there would be a loss of pressure, resulting in a need for clutch linkage replacement and perhaps even a new clutch plate.

Gears Slipping

If your vehicle seems to pop out of gear and into neutral or if the car lurches forward as you drive for no understandable reason then your clutch may be worn down and needs to be repaired. However there is another cause of this problem. An engine oil leak that is dripping onto the clutch plate will cause excessive lubrication, causing the gears to slip.

In order to prevent damage to your transmission and it is imperative that you take care of clutch issues as soon as the become apparent. For professional clutch repair in Centralia contact Transmissions Unlimited. Our team of dedicated technicians off all sorts of auto and Transmission Services for most import and domestic vehicles. Give our crew a call today at 360-736-2548 to request an appointment for outstanding auto repair in Centralia and don't forget to check our our online coupon!

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