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If you were to create a list of what you need to properly maintain on a regular basis to ensure your vehicle is both healthy and safe, I imagine the brakes would rank fairly high on that list. That's because the brakes are an essential part of keeping everyone inside and outside the vehicle as safe as possible. Without properly functioning brakes you are unable to safely come to a complete stop at a stoplight, you're unable to slow down when traffic ahead comes to a halt, and you run the risk of causing costly damage to the working parts. One of the best ways you can ensure your brakes are kept in top shape at all times is having them regularly inspected by a team of expert auto technicians. These auto repair specialists can thoroughly look at your brakes and let you know if they are in need of any brake service or repair. Wondering what some of the warning signs might be? We can help!

It's Been a While

If you are unable to remember the last time you had your brakes serviced, odds are you are most likely due for at least some basic maintenance. It's especially important that you have your brake pads inspected at a nearby auto repair center due to their ability to wear thin over time. Since brake pads take on a great deal of pressure every time a driver slows their car down, the pads begin to grow thinner and thinner the more miles you drive. You don't want the brake pads to become too thin, however, because then they are no longer able to do their job and suddenly the working metal parts might begin to grind against one another. This can result in expensive problems, ones that could have easily been avoided if you'd sought professional service at an earlier time.

New Noises

Since one of the more common reasons for brake service and repair is to ensure the brake pads are in good health it's important to identify when they might not be in the best shape. Since the brade pads help buffer between the compression of the braking mechanisms, one of the biggest signs that they may have worn down to a dangerously thin level is if you begin to hear a squealing noise when you brake. This new sound is often an indication that the metal parts have begun to press against one another, which could also be an indication that damage is not far off. In order to avoid costly repairs due to metal pressing against metal, be sure to get your vehicle to a nearby auto repair shop for quick and reliable service.

When it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy car, the brakes rank pretty high on the priority list. Without a healthy set of brakes you lose the ability to come to a safe stop when necessary and you lose the ability to slow down at those pivotal moments. To ensure your brakes are always in top shape it's important to know of a reliable auto repair center that specializes in all manner of brake service and repair. This will help you stay on top of all brake maintenance you might need. The next time you find yourself in need of high quality brake service in Centralia get a hold of us here at Transmissions Unlimited at 360-736-2548 right away! Our team of highly skilled auto technicians understand how important a healthy set of brakes are and we're here to make sure yours are always ready to keep you safe and ready to go.

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