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5 Warning Signs of Brake Failure


Some things should never be ignored. You know, smoke alarms, phone calls from Mom, and signs your brakes are going to stop working on your car, just to name a few. The brakes are a very important system on your vehicle. They are the number one safety feature, even with today's backup cameras and numerous airbags. Your brakes are your best bet when it comes to accident prevention. If you experience any of these signs you need brake repair, don't ignore them, make an appointment with your mechanic right away.

Brake Fluid Leak

If you notice a clearish-brown liquid collecting under your vehicle, likely near a tire, you should not drive your car. You may have a brake fluid leak, which could cause your brakes to completely fail as you drive down the road. Call your mechanic immediately.

Brakes Squeal or Grind

Any noise that is created by the brakes is a for sure sign it is time for repair. Some brake pads are designed with a mechanism that is suppose to create that noise when pads are getting low. However other times it could be caused by metal on metal grinding because you have no brake pads left.

Pulling to the Side

Your vehicle should continue in a straight line when you hit the brakes, so if your car tries to go left or right, you will have some sort of braking problem. This is probably caused by uneven wear of the pads, but it could be a seized wheel cylinder or impurities in the brake fluid.

Soft Brake Pedal

There should be some level of resistance when you hit the brakes, so if your car's pedal feels spongy or goes straight to the floor, it's time for brake repair. The usual culprit is low brake pads, but you could have air in the lines or a brake fluid leak.


Do you feel a shaking sensation when you hit the brakes? This may be caused by warped rotors. Rotors are what the brake pads cling to on disc brake systems in order to create the necessary friction to slow the car. This uneven system greatly reduces your ability to stop.

Never delay having braking problems checked out, lives, including your own, depend on a safe vehicle. For professional brake repair in Centralia bring your car to Transmissions Unlimited. While we specialize in transmission repair, we offer many other services to keep your car safe and running great. Call Transmission Unlimited at 360-736-2548 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Centralia today!

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