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The Importance of Automatic Transmission Fluid


The automatic transmission is one of the most advanced technological features of the modern automobile. When fluid drive transmissions were introduced in the late 1930s they made driving a much easier activity and made it more accessible to people. Today, automatic transmission are highly intelligent, computer driven machines, but they still rely reavily on automatic transmission fluid to get through the gears. Automatic transmissions require routine maintenance to ensure that the fluid is clean and clear, allowing for proper operation. During automatic transmission service the technician will overlook the entire transmission to ensure that everything is working right. When your vehicle is due for service call your local transmission specialist so they can make sure of the following.

That there is a clean automatic transmission filter

One of the most important things for proper operation of your transmission is that there is a clean filter. Like the fuel filter or the air filter the automatic transmission filter is designed to remove contaminants from the automatic transmission fluid. Over the miles transmission fluid may collect dirt, dust, tiny metal flakes and other debris. These items can cause some major trouble for the gears of the transmission during operation, which is why the filter is in place to remove them. If the filter becomes clogged with these items fluid will not be able to properly flow through transmission which will prevent it from operating correctly. During transmission service the technician will replace the filter to ensure clean fluid and proper flow.

That there is the proper level of automatic transmission fluid

Another important aspect of transmission service is ensuring that the fluid level is correct. Low levels of transmission fluid will prevent the transmission from operating properly because their will be a reduction in lubrication that will result in grinding gears. Fluid levels may drop as fluid breaks down after many thousands of miles of use, or if there is a leak.

The service technician will check for leaks

One of the most obvious signs of transmission problems is a visible transmission fluid leak. During service the technician will search for even the smallest of leaks. However, if you ever spot a red liquid leaking for car, be sure to contact your local transmission technician to have the leak resolved before it causes larger issues.

Be sure to always have your automatic transmission serviced on time to ensure the fluid is clean and clear. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find out when your car is due for scheduled services. For professional automatic transmission service in Centralia visit Transmissions Unlimited. Our team is dedicated to providing superior auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models of import and domestic cars and trucks. Give us a call today at 360-736-2548 to request an appointment for professional auto repair in Centralia.

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